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23-May-2018 21:31

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Because if the woman really wants to be with me, she gone want better for me.

She’s gonna accept me with my flaws and steer me in the right direction. But at the same token, I’m a work in progress everyday my love.”Soulja: “This how I feel like, though.

If you gonna come to me and your gonna break up with me because I was cheating, then you ain’t never want to be with me in the first place!

Cause you gotta look at it like this right, what person in the world ain’t cheated before?

He didn’t say it happened while they were together after all.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t cause problems between Soulja and his current girlfriend, Nia Riley.

She says she doesn't have a BF, and the person he threatened is just an Internet troll trying to piss off the rapper.

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waving and pointing what appears to be a Glock with an extended magazine.It's unclear why the threat's being directed at Nia Riley and her BF.Not the smartest move -- especially considering Soulja's on probation for a weapons charge. They also believe in sex tapes and feel that all women should be ready to ‘turn up for their man,’ (sexually), but that a man should not have to do the same. I’m interested to know if you all agree with the guys, or with me! ”Fizz: “Here’s the difference between women and men.

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But, when I asked the gentlemen, who they would date from one of the other L&HH shows, I received an interesting answer…Soulja Boy accidentally confess to sleeping with K. I asked them about relationship deal breaker’s and while Fizz had and issue with bad feet and Soulja Boy can’t deal with a messy girl telling all of his business in the streets, the ultimate debate was about cheating. See, we’ll cheat and we’ll drop that b#tch the next day.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy got into a feud on social media on Monday, January 2, over Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU WAS CHRIS BROWNS GIRL! "And just when we thought it was over, Soulja Boy chimed in again, tweeting, "F--k Chris brown.

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