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28-Jan-2018 19:19

Suddenly the US intelligence community responsible for so many of the Wiki Leaks data dumps represented by Steve Pieczenik's You Tube videos announced days ahead of the election that a peaceful countercoup was underway removing the Clinton crime machine from power.

Its tentacles have spread like a cancer to every corner of this earth to where slavery is far more widespread today than any previous time in recorded human history.Checking with FBI code words commonly associated and widely utilized in pedophile circles and investigations, instantaneously social media became abuzz on the frenzied, unstoppable Reddit message boards busily deciphering the leaked Podesta emails and connecting them to the pizza shop owner's strange and disturbing social media entries, piecing the clues together to come up with a dark sinister picture of the northwest DC's pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong that's apparently been acting as the front for a major child sex ring network. The facts that Clinton fundraisers have regularly been held there in addition to two Obama phone bank fundraisers during his 2012 reelection campaign, another Comet sponsored fundraiser at the White House where Obama was photographed playing ping pong with a child along with owner Alefantis being a White House guest at least five times, a letter sent by Hillary thanking Alefantis for hosting a fundraiser, a document showing Hillary paid Alefantis ,000 and even her main financier George Soros donating another ,600 to Comet Pizza through the PAC American Bridge 21st Century, these things don't happen to just any pizza joint owner in America but only to one with direct connections to the most powerful players at the top of the power pyramid.