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06-Jun-2018 23:12

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There are a surprisingly low amount of votes so don't think you can't win!!

Expected Outcome There are always those who expect everything for nothing so there will be some who leave.

I do respond to those, and no one can see them but us.


This site has grown to be extremely popular, more-so than any other AB site even without the cam option and we have regularly been 'beating' the number of active chatters on the older and most well-known sites.

Not only to provide better security but to offer more features as well. If you see the website is down, please check back again soon. started out as free and with the intent of always being free.

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If the are bad enough to get spanked (it's an AB chat, very very bad babies get punished) then it will cost them to come back and risk just being banned again unless they behave.This should also help keep others from being highly annoying and enure they follow the rules and respect the other members.

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